Traveling is one of the best things in life.

Get to experience amazing places and see different ways of living whilst meeting incredible people.

We want to step out of our routines and find adventure, but we want to do it safely and at the same time we don´t want to feel like sheep
Hi, I’m Séverine Baud and I’m passionate about traveling, dancing and nature.

That’s why I’ve stayed in Argentina and created Tour F, to live out my passions and to help other travellers experience remarkable moments.


Tour F is a small company collaborating to help develop a sustainable local economy. We don’t provide income to big corporations.

We work with local guides who love what they do and speak several languages.

You can ask us whatever you like, it will be a pleasure to tell you about the countless charms and the history of Buenos Aires.

For us each traveller is unique, every time we go out with a group the experience is always new and enriching.

We learn a lot from all of you!

How I fell in love with Buenos Aires

I grew up in the French Alps, studied Law and worked for 4 years as a tax consultant. I got bitten by the travel bug when I was 21, during my Erasmus year in Italy. From that moment onwards, I couldn’t stop traveling. But the yearly month holiday wasn’t enough.

Back in 2014 I decided to travel across South America for a month. The second day of my trip I met an Argentinian guy on a bus, he told me so many good things about his country that got me intrigued.

I met several people throughout that trip who, in some way, drew my path to Argentina.

Although I had never done mountain climbing before, I challenged myself to climb the Huyana Potosi, a 6,000 meters peak.

It was really important for me to reach the summit since I had made myself a promise: if I reached the top I would start listening to myself, I would quit my job in France and go to Argentina in order to live out my passion, tourism.

I reached the summit two minutes before sunrise, I watched the most beautiful dawn of my life. Five months later I quit my job in France.

My dad was turning 60 so my sister and I decided to surprise him with a trip to Argentina. This way I would spend some time with my family and at the same time I could choose in which part of Argentina I wanted to live.

We thought about ending the trip in Córdoba since we don’t like big cities, but my dad wanted to visit Buenos Aires and convinced me to change plans.

Once there we went to see a tango show. I was so moved that I decided to stay and learn that beautiful dance so I could immerse myself in its world.

Soon after I created the company and started to work as a guide in the Delta del Tigre (zodiac tour).

Now I don’t need to travel so often as I did before, simply because I enjoy what I do.

Moreover, I already travel with the stories tourists tell me while we enjoy the thousand charms of this incredible place.

I want you to fall in love with Buenos Aires and Argentina

And for that purpose, I choose authentic and special experiences with the most interesting and friendly guides, so you can take home unforgettable memories.

I have developed these activities in order to share with you my personal experience, having travelled throughout the heart of Buenos Aires.

I organise private activities for couples or small groups.

It doesn’t matter if you are traveling solo, just let me know what you’d like to do and in which dates and I try to find a matching group so you can make friends !

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Come and enjoy this beautiful country!