Ushuaia in 2 or 3 days : Welcome to the end of the world !

The legendary town of Ushuaia stretches out in front of the Beagle Channel and has as its backdrop the impressive perpetually snow-capped peaks of the Andes.

The channel serves as the main port for sailing to Antarctica and from there you can enjoy excellent panoramic views of the ensemble.

Ushuaia has magical places to get lost, forget about everything and contemplate the wonders of nature. Many animals and autochthonous vegetation will accompany us on our journey, and beyond, in our hearts, for a very long time.

Tour F offers you the best excursions to do in Ushuaia. We organise for you experiences with personality that will make you feel again the thrill of travelling.

If you prefer to have everything organised, we can also help you by booking a cosy hotel.

Day 1
Beagle Channel (Schedule: 2 options at 10 am or 3 pm)

The meeting point is the port, located in the centre of Ushuaia.

Once there, we will board a little boat with a small group, of 10 people maximum, to navigate the Beagle Channel with all the comfort, and feeling more part of an experience among friends than a tour. Travelling with a small group will make you live each moment in all its intensity.

Our guide will be in charge of telling us interesting stories and we will be able to ask whatever we want since he’s an expert in the area.

We will pass by several islands from where we will see birds, sea lions and the End of the World lighthouse. This lighthouse, also known as the San Juan de Salvamento lighthouse, is the oldest in Argentina.
Although it was built in 1884, it was not until 1905 that it began to be known as the End of the World Lighthouse thanks to the novel by Jules Verne, which bears this title. At that time it served as a reference to inform sailors that they were entering the unknown, the Antarctica.

We will then disembark at Bridges Island to follow a trail to a panoramic point where we have a wonderful 360° view of the entire channel.
To crown this amazing experience, we will enjoy a delicious typical Argentine picada (tapas) on board.

Day 2
Tierra del Fuego National Park – Trekking in small group at sunset

Days : Tuesday – Thursday – Saturday

The entrance to Tierra del Fuego National Park is 12 km away from Ushuaia.
It’s the only national park in Argentina that combines marine, forest and mountain environment giving shape to the marine coast, lakes, valleys, extensive peat bogs and magnificent forests. All these environments form a singular scenery with the purest air that one can breathe.

Pick up at the hotel at 3 pm.
We will visit the National Park in the afternoon to discover its most beautiful sites and avoid the crowds.
We will come into contact with wild nature, there are chances to spot red foxes, native to Ushuaia, and birds typical of the area such as the woodpecker, cauquenes and the southern steamer duck, among many others.

This trekking is ideal for those of you who like to walk and breathe fresh air in a protected and quiet natural environment, without the presence of large groups of tourists.

We will visit Ensenada Bay, Pipo River Waterfall, Roca Lake and Lapataia Bay. In each of these places we will do moderate walks of 20-30 and 40 minutes in small groups.

We will also enjoy a snack at the Alakush Visitor Centre, which is located around Lake Acigami and has an unparalleled view of the lake.  From there we will also be able to enjoy stunning views of the Lapataia River, Salmon Island and Condor Hill, which divides Argentina and Chile.
Return to the hotel.

The origin of the name Tierra del Fuego
The pre-Columbian people who populated this region were very well adapted to the climate of the area, especially to the cold temperatures that characterizes the whole region. However, in spite of this constant low temperatures, they had the habit of not wearing hardly any clothes. This meant that in order to keep warm, they used to light many bonfires.

When the European sailors arrived in the region, one of the things that surprised them the most was the elevated presence of columns of smoke. A logical consequence of the abundance of these bonfires that the original people used to keep warm and that is why they began to call it Tierra del Fuego. (Land of fire)

Day 3
Laguna Esmeralda (Emerald Lagoon) : trekking with guide in small group

Days : Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

Pick up at the hotel
Laguna Esmeralda is a stunning glacial lake located in Tierra del Fuego, less than 20 km from Ushuaia. It is surrounded by the powerful Albino Glacier and by the peaks of Las Torres and Cordón Toribio.
The lagoon can be accessed by a trail that crosses a Magellanic sub Antarctic forest and then by peat moss trails. Peat moss is actually light, spongy, earthy charcoal that forms in swampy places due to the decomposition of plant debris.

This trekking through the exuberant sub-Antarctic forest is very special since it offers the opportunity to feel the peat bogs under your feet, breathe pure mountain air, admire the immensity of the landscape and reconcile with oneself in the silence of nature.
The trekking is approximately 9 km.

Bordering the Esmeralda River we will reach the spectacular glacial water mirror. We will indulge ourselves with the fantastic landscape, the contrast of the colours of the forest with the impressive blue of the glacier, and in such stunning background, we will stop to eat our lunch.

In order to be able to do this excursion it’s necessary to be in good physical condition.
It’s very important to wear waterproof clothes and shoes, bring sunscreen, sunglasses and an extra bottle of water.
Lunch is included in the excursion.
Duration: 6 hours. – Altitude reached: 450 meters above sea level – Maximum gradient: 22% – Difficulty: medium.

Price : 80USD per person. [Until 31/12/2022] (Additional to the package)

Beagle canal : Every day

Tierra del Fuego NP : Tuesday – Thursday – Saturday

Beagle canal : 10am or 3pm

Tierra del Fuego NP : 3pm

Beagle canal : Ushuaia harbor

Tierra del Fuego NP : pick up at the hotel

2 days




Beagle canal boat trip with bilingual guide and picada

Small group Tierra del fuego NP visit with bilingual guide and transfer from your hotel

Transfer from your hotel to the harbor (Beagle Canal boat trip)

Harbor tax : ~1USD

Entry to the national park Tierra del Fuego

  • Cancellations with at least 7 days notice are fully refundable
  • Cancellations between 48 hours and 24 hours before the tour will be charged 50%
  • Cancellations less than 24 hours before the tour will be charged 100%
  • Cancellations due to weather will be fully refunded if the boat tour can not be rescheduled (Beagle Canal)

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