If you are a horse lover or if you would like to know more about the Gauchos culture, we have something very special for you.

Immerse yourself in the way of life at an estancia (Argentinian farm), surrounded by idyllic Argentinian landscape and learn to horse ride like a Gaucho.

The estancia is a typical farm run by an Argentinian family who live on agriculture, apiculture and cattle. They also grow lemons, oranges pecan nuts and plums.

The estancia offers different routes to ride with native horses. Riding on a native horse will allow you to discover the Argentinian fields in the traditional Gaucho way and if you choose the longer option you will also visit a nearby Gaucho village.

A Gaucho style horseback riding class is included with all the ride options.
After the ride, a delicious tea or mate (traditional Argentinian beverage) with some pastries will be waiting for you at the estancia.
We also offer you the option to take an scenic walk to Santa Coloma, a beautiful colonial village, where we will visit the church and a pulperia (a traditional Gaucho bar).

If you prefer you can do a guided tour to San Antonio de Areco, where you will find out lots of interesting information about the history and culture of the village. We will also visit a small site where craftsmen are working the leather in the traditional way and we will also see silversmiths at work.

If you don´t want to ride a horse there are several walking options or an option to enter in contact with the horses.
With this option you will feed the horses, wash them and walk them out on the fields in a relaxing way.

You can also stay overnight and enjoy a special evening in the countryside.
You will enjoy the quietness of the Argentinian countryside, a delicious asado (BBQ) for dinner, the starry sky and the pleasure of drinking an excellent glass of wine near the fireplace in winter.

Come to enjoy a day in the countryside and immerse yourself in the Gaucho culture

Option 1 : Gaucho day (12 to 6pm) : 60USD/person (min 2 pers)

– Empanadas lunch (including a drink, salad and desert)
– 1-hour horse-riding or guided walked – Afternoon snack
– Access to the swimming pool and the fields

Option 2 : Horse rides in the farm between fields and cattle including a gaucho horse-ride style class :

Length1 hour2 hours3 hours
Persons2 pers (or 1)2 pers (or 1)2 pers (or 1)

Option 3 : Walking trek in the fields or to a colonial town  :

Length2h pampa3h Santa Coloma      Horse contact** 
Price40USD50USD                          40USD 
Persons1-3 pers1-3 pers                       1-2 pers 

*If you are only one you can still take the tours but have to pay the full price of 2 or 3 people.

** Clean, feed and walk alongside the horse for an hour.

Extra option : 

Guided visit of San Antonio de Areco  (1-4 pers) 40USD

Empanadas workshop (you eat what you cook paired with wine and desert) 30USD/person

1 hour tango class (1-2 persons) 30USD

1 night 1 person 45USD

1 night 2 persons 70USD

Barbecue dinner, wine and desert 22USD

Stew OR empanadas dinner, wine and desert 20USD

Every day

From 2pm

In the farm “La Secunda”

Depending on the chosen option

English,Spanish, French, Portuguese

Dollars or euros

If you wish to pay in pesos, we use the “dolar bolsa” changing rate

Trilingual Guide, tea or mate. 
The trek to Santa Coloma includes a visit to the colonial town, the church, and a gaucho bar. 
The guided visit to San Antonio de Areco includes an explanation of the town history, visiting a museum and some craftsmen who work leather and silver

Transport not included : 
Travel Options: 
Posibility to go on your own : 
Bus to San Antonio de Areco (~12USD/pers/return) 
Taxi-Remis between La Segunda-San A Areco (~11USD one way) 

Private transport : 
Remis from the hotel in Buenos Aires until La Segunda, return : 
100USD max 3 persons (return on the same day)

  • Cancellations with at least 48 hours notice are fully refundable
  • Cancellations less than 48 hours before the tour will be charged 20%
  • Tour dates can be modified at no cost
  • Cancellations due to weather will be fully refunded if the tour can not be rescheduled

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