Avoid mass tourism and escape to Salta with our personalised travel itinerary

The Salta region lies at the foot of the Andes Mountains, in the northwest of Argentina, and has many things to do and visit for the traveller who wants to enjoy a different landscape with impossible colours.

Hills with different reddish tones, salt deserts, subtropical jungle areas, rock formations, canyons and gorges are some of the surprises that nature has prepared for us.

But what makes this region even more special is its human geography whose picturesque cities and villages still retain the indigenous aura and trace of the Inca civilization; and where the Spanish colonial legacy is, some places, preserved almost intact.

In Salta, culture is omnipresent and time seems to have stopped.

TourF offers you a personalised experience in Salta, so this region will take up a little place in your heart.

An itinerary with the best things to see in Salta, accompanied in some of the itineraries by specialised local guides, who will tell you interesting stories to help you better understand the culture of the region.

Some of the routes will be done by bus without a guide, but of course we will take care of the tickets and will provide you with the timetables and all the logistics, so that your adventure reaches a good port 😊.

The itinerary you choose may vary depending on your preferences. We can, for example, add a regular excursion leaving Tilcara with a guide and visiting the village of Humahuaca and the Hornocal mountain range or a walk with llamas leaving from Purmamarca (picture-postcard village with adobe houses at the foot of the Cerro de los 7 colores).

Day 1 : Transfer from the airport to the hotel.

Free afternoon to visit Salta.

Salta is the capital of the province where you can admire religious buildings of the colonial era, inspired by the Sevillian Mudejar art style of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. A delight for art and history lovers.

In the capital we find the Minor Basilica and the Convent of San Francisco, two of the main tourist attractions of the city.

You can also enjoy typical food from the area that you will not find in other parts of Argentina, such as the empanadas from the Northwest, delicious delicacies influenced by the strong indigenous character of the region, that are considered the best in the country. We also recommend to try locro (meat and corn stew), tamales and humitas (a mixture of corn stuffed with meat).

Day 2 : Day trip to Salinas Grandes by minivan

When we think of large salt flats, Uyuni always comes to mind. But you don’t need to travel to Chile or Bolivia to enjoy this wonderful natural setting.

On the border between the provinces of Salta and Jujuy lies a spectacular salt desert with a dreamlike atmosphere at an altitude of 3400 meters.

We will leave towards Jujuy by the route 9/34 where we will make different stops to visit Yala, Volcán, Tumbaya, Purmamarca, the Hill of the seven colours, the artisan market, the great Cuesta del Lipan and the Cuesta del Saladillo.

From there we will reach a spectacular stretch at 4150 meters above sea level, the Abra del Potrerillo Andean pass. Then we will continue to visit the blue volcanoes and finally we will arrive at the Salinas Grandes de Jujuy, where we will also see vicuñas and llamas.

Ideally you will spend the night in Tilcara, a lively town where you can enjoy Argentine folklore, dining in a “peña” with regional songs and dances. If you wish to have everything organised, we can also book the hotel for you.

Day 3 : Humahuaca and Hornocal, UNESCO heritage.

In the morning you will take a bus from Tilcara to Humahuaca. There you will be able to explore at your own pace this picturesque village with its charming adobe houses.

At 12 o’clock you will meet our local driver to go to the Hornocal, an amazing mountain range with 14 different shades that will give us the impression of having landed on another planet. The mountains reach an altitude of 4,761 meters above sea level.

The Quebrada de Humahuaca was declared a World Heritage Site in 2003, both for its colourful mountain landscapes and for the historic Inca caravan road that crosses the region.

In the afternoon you will take a bus back to a charming mountain inn in Uquia, where the owners grow certified organic products. There you will spend the night, totally disconnected from the worldly noise.

Lodging at the inn is included in the price of this package.

Day 4 : Picada (Tapas) in the world’s highest cave

At 9 am, you will leave in a 4×4 with the owners of the inn to the highest wine cellar in the world at almost 4000 meters of altitude.

Uraqui is a wine made with organic grapes from the moya vineyard, which is considered the highest vineyard in the world and its best bottles are stowed in Cava Mina Moya. This is a unique opportunity to taste a very special wine.

There you will enjoy a delicious picada (tapas lunch) and a wonderful panoramic view of the gorge.

On the way you will visit the vineyards and after returning to the inn you will take the bus in the direction of Salta.

Day 5 : Private tour to Quebrada de las Conchas

Early in the morning you will take a bus from Salta to Cafayate.

Once there our local guide will be waiting for you in the car to start a 5-hour private tour. On the way to Quebrada de las Conchas, we will stop at different points of interest with a personalised itinerary. The journey will be full of a multitude of stories, anecdotes and local music.

The Quebrada de las Conchas is an area of great scenic beauty with striking rock formations that marvel us with their reddish colouring.

On the way you will enjoy landscapes of very varied colours and geological formations of great variety amongst which are the Devil’s Throat and the amphitheatre of reddish sedimentary rocks. Many years ago, these formations were freshwater cascades whose flow of concentrated water was eroding the stone, which has given rise to its special configuration.

Due to its rich archaeological and historical past, the reserve has numerous fossil remains, hence its name, Concha means shell in Spanish.

From there you will return to Cafayate to spend the night in a hotel included in the package, but if you prefer you have the option of returning to Salta that same day.

Day 6 : Private tour to the best wineries of Cafayate.

After Mendoza, the Cafayate Valley is the most important wine region in Argentina.

Its fruity white wines and high-altitude reds are highly appreciated, as well as the impressive landscape that shelters villages and vineyards surrounded by mountains.

In the morning you have an appointment with our local guide who will explain everything about the history of the town of Cafayate, while we travel in a private vehicle watching the scenery, which will make you daydream, on our way to the wineries.

There you can enjoy a tasty meal, prepared in the traditional way, in an environment that will make you think of paradise (optional).

After lunch we will go for a walk in Las Cabras de Cafayate to taste the delicious local goat cheese.

Return to Salta by bus.

Day 7 : Optional: Day trip to Cachi and the amazing Los Cardones National Park (not included in the package price)

We will make a 345 km journey in a minivan that will last approximately 11 hours.

The departure time is at 7 am from Salta.

This tour is perfect for those who love landscapes with huge cacti that invite you to dream and will remind you of the legendary Western movies.

Los Cardones National Park is an impressive desert territory, with rounded peaks that crown velvety mountains, where the cactus groves of the area remain high even at elevations that touch 3,000 meters.

We will visit the Quebrada de los Laureles, the Quebrada del Escoipe, the Cuesta del Obispo, the Enchanted Valley, the Piedra del Molino (3,430 meters above sea level) and the Straight of the “TIN TIN”.

We will also visit the Mirador del Nevado de Cachi, Payogasta and Cachi.

Return to Salta by bus.

Discover one of the most surprising regions of Latin America with Tour F. Make your passage through these lands more than just a holiday and live every minute in all its intensity.

Every day

Day 2 : 7am – 5pm : tour to Salinas Grandes

Day 3 : 9am -10am : bus Tilcara – Humahuaca

              12 – 3.30pm : serranía de Hornocal

              4pm – 4.15pm : bus Humahuaca – Uquia

Day 4 : 9am – 1pm : 4×4 tour to the cave

               3pm – 6.45pm : bus Tilcara – Salta

Day 5 : 6.50am – 10.50am (or 10.30am – 2.15pm) : bus Salta -Cafayate

              2pm -6.30pm : private tour Quebrada de las conchas

Day 6 : 10am – 2pm : wineries private tour

               4pm – 7.45pm : bus Cafayate – Salta

Day 7 : 7am – 6.30pm :  Cachi tour

pick up at the hotel for the tours

6 days

270USD/pers (min. 2 persons) [Valid until 31/08/2022]

Spanish, English 

27USD/person [Valid until 31/08/2022]

Transfer IN & OUT from/to the airport the 1st and last day

2 regular guided tours (in minivan of 18 pers. max.) in Spanish or English

1 4×4 tour to the cave with tapas and bilingual guide

1 private driver to the hornocal

1 private transfer: Uquia bus station – inn

1 private transfer: Inn – Tilcara bus station

2 private tours with bilingual guide in Cafayate

1 night in a double room with breakfast at the inn in Uquia 

1 night in a double room with breakfast in Cafayate 

5 bus tickets

Wine and cheese tasting

Lunch at the winery (day 6)

Accomodation in Salta and Tilcara (enquire within)

  • Cancellations with at least 5 days notice before your arrival in Salta are fully refundable
  • Cancellations between 5 days and 48 hours will be charged 30%.
  • Cancellations less than 48 hours notice will be charged 100%
  • Tour dates can be modified at no cost.
  • Tours are maintained in case of rain.

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