El Calafate is the perfect base to visit some of the most spectacular glaciers in the world, of which the best known is the impressive Perito Moreno.

The small town of El Calafate is located on the shores of a splendid lake with turquoise waters, Lake Argentino, bordered by a mountain range of perpetually snow-capped peaks, and where we can watch a great variety of wild birds flying over its waters.
Its name comes from a gigantic shrub typical of southern Patagonia. The calafate has yellow flowers in spring and purple fruits in summer. According to tradition, whoever eats this fruit will always return to Patagonia.

El Calafate has all the necessary services to welcome the visitor, from hotels of all categories and restaurants for different budgets, to camping sites and supermarkets.
If you want to stay in a cosy hotel where you will feel at home, let us help you. All you have to do is ask us to include the hotel in the package.

Tour F offers you the opportunity to make the most of your visit to the legendary Patagonia with the best excursions to do in El Calafate. You will cherish this special memory for years to come.

3-day Package El Calafate

Day 1

Discovering the native culture with a succulent dinner in a cave
Pick up at the hotel at 6 pm in a Land Rover Defender with capacity for 6/7 passengers.
We will discover more about the passage of mankind through this faraway land. We will revive the first expeditions and those brave souls who ventured into the unknown.
Crossing cliffs and overlooking the Andes Mountains, we will focus on the first contacts of those expeditionary groups with the natives, drilling deeper into the culture of the Tehuelche, the indigenous populations that inhabited Patagonia.
On the shores of the lake are the caves where thousands of years ago the Tehuelche left their marks on the rocks.

The first stop of the excursion is at a panoramic point over the lake to contemplate all its beauty and where you will for sure want to take out your camera.
Then we will continue in the Land Rover until reaching the reserve.
From there we will walk with our guide, who will help us to interpret the drawings that the Tehuelche left on the walls and we will learn more interesting things about their culture and customs.

At the far end of the trail we’ll arrive at a cave where tables and chairs will be ready for a succulent dinner typical of the area.
If you are cold, you’ll be offered the Patagonia’ characteristic poncho. Keep your eyes wide open, for some wild animals, like foxes, might approach us.
Could it get more special than this?
Return to the hotel at 9 pm.

Day 2
Boat trip on Lake Argentino to admire the most impressive glaciers in the world.
This expedition is one of the most remarkable experiences that a person can do in his life. The sound of silence, the crunching of the cracks, the immensity of the ice…
It’s a unique opportunity to see some of the world’s most spectacular glaciers from close up. You’ll feel like you can almost touch the ice floes and the intense blue of the huge frozen waters will forever be engraved in your memory. Without a doubt an unforgettable experience that helps you to get an idea of the categorical power of nature.

7.15 am : Pick up at the hotel.
8.30 am : The boat will set sail to begin our journey on Lake Argentino during which we will watch several glaciers from a very close distance. We will have the opportunity to admire the northern face of Perito Moreno, the Spegazzini glacier and the Upsala glacier.

After several hours of sailing admiring this superb spectacle of nature we will touch land and disembark at Puesto Las Vacas, formerly a cattle ranch, from where we will enjoy a wonderful panoramic view.
So much beauty will whet your appetite, so you’ll devour the delicious gourmet sandwich we’ll have ready for your lunch.
Return to the hotel at 6 pm.

Day 3
Discovering Perito Moreno
Pick up at 7.45am from the hotel.
During the bus journey to the national park where Perito Moreno is located, our guide will provide interesting information about the glacier and you’ll be able to satisfy your curiosity asking as many questions as you require.
Once inside the national park, accompanied by our guide, we will cross the circuit of footbridges that are located in the north face of the glacier. This circuit lasts about an hour, but we can stay as long as we want. And you’ll want to stay longer, believe me!
You will be able to capture beautiful images with your camera since the glacier is really close by, while at the same time enjoy one of nature’s greatest spectacles, feeling and listening to the ice landslides.

Just sitting on one of the benches of the footbridges you can spend hours contemplating such beauty.

We also recommend you live a unique experience: walking on a glacier.
Trekking on Perito Moreno (supplement of 165USD/person).
How many times in your life will you have the opportunity to walk on a glacier?
Just grab it!

The excursion starts in the Bajo de las Sombras port, where you embark to cross Lake Rico, arriving at the southwest coast, after approximately 20 minutes of navigation in front of the southern wall of the Perito Moreno glacier.
Once disembarked we will go to the refuge. There the guides will organize the groups, each of them up to 20 people.

Then begins a walk of approximately 20 minutes along the shore of the lake to the glacier.
When we reach the edge of the ice, the guides will place crampons (metal traction devices that are placed on the boots’ soles) and instruct us on how to move on the ice.
The tour on the glacier takes about 1 hour and a half, during the course of which we will be able to appreciate the wide variety of ice formations such as: cracks, pinnacles, sinks, small lakes, etc.. A real experience!
At the end of the tour, we return to the refuge through the exuberant Magellanic forest.

Every day

6pm : Dinner inside a cave

7am : Boat trip on the argentine lake

7.45am : Perito Moreno tour

pick up at the hotel

Dinner inside a cave                      : 3 hours

Boat trip on the argentine lake : 11 hours

Perito Moreno tour                       : 9 hours


200USD/child (until 12 yo)

Spanish, English (french only in private services, enquire within)

155USD/adult (or 140USD/child until 15 yo)

For the 3 tours :

Regular transfer from/to your hotel

Bilingual guide english/spanish


  • Boat trip on the argentine lake
    Gourmet lunch box
  • Dinner with beverage in the cave
    Entry to the archaeological area


Entry to the national park Los Glaciares

Lunch during El Perito Moreno tour

  • Cancellations with at least 48 hours notice are fully refundable
  • Cancellations less than 48 hours before the tour will be charged 100%
  • Tour dates can be modified at no cost

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